Special Event - Sunday 20th March - 1.30 - 3.30pm

The 20th March marks the Spring Equinox, where day and night have equal length and the Sun and Moon Energies are equal. The same lunar and solar currents that spin the stars and pull the ocean tides surround us, flowing subconsciously through our body and mind.

This transformative workshop at SOULBOX will leave you refreshed, energized and full of vitality – lighting you up, and giving you a ‘spring’ in your step. 
The Equinox Detox will be split into two halves. The Body and The Mind, The Sun and Then Moon, The Power and The Peace.

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THIS THURSDAY ONLY - a special session to relax , renew and reset you from the inside out.
Every inch of stress will melt from your muscles and mind in this perfect pre weekend wind-down. A candle lit flow beneath the star studded ceiling, followed by deep stretching, pranayama and the deepest relaxation of all time. This one off experience will leave you ultra chilled, refreshed. Carve out some time to serve your soul.

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Beginners Pilates Workshop

21st Feb 2016          1.30pm - 3.30pm

In this fun and friendly workshop Sophie will introduce you to the fundamentals of Pilates at SOULBOX. Sophie gets creative with the Pilates method and hopes this workshop will leave you hungry for more.

This workshop is designed for complete beginners but also available to those who want to brush up on their technique. It will be delivered in a fun and informal way where Sophie will support and guide you, deepen your knowledge and fill you with tips, tricks and advice to find your greatness.

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