TIME TO FLY - Arm Balances Workshop

FRIDAY 17th MARCH - 5 - 7pm

Learn to use your hands as feet in this workshop to guide you into arm balancing postures and transitions. Each one will be broken down, giving you better understanding of how to take flight.

If these excite you – great! If youre afraid of them, this workshop should be enough to give you the confidence you need and spark your curiosity.

But why? In our daily life we actually use our upper body very little. The muscles involved like the back, core and shoulders therefore weaken over time. This can lead to not only shrinking of the muscles but of the independence we take for granted like carrying bags, lifting things – even holding ourselves up.

Arm balances are a fun way to weight bear, strengthening the wrists and helping with the prevention of osteoporosis and may other health problems. Arm balances also help us to build confidence, act as a reminder that its fine to wobble and have fun! They help us through lifes challenges by reminding us of our strengths and that its ok to be a little scared.The persistence and continued energy involved reminds us that there is never failure, only effort, and that effort always valid.

You will leave with a skillset to support you and develop your practice safely and with a better understanding of the hows and whys. 

There will be time to break down the elements involved, ask questions and feed your curiousity – and of course, try, try and try again – laughing and wobbling is essensial.

No experience with arm balancing is necessary, however this workshop is not suitable for complete beginners. 

Booking is essential as availability is limited - emai This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send a facebook message


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