MONDAY 17th DECEMBER – 6.45-8pm

This seasonal offering is designed to lengthen and release the muscles of the lower body that are strained, pushed and tightened as you run/exercise (around shops!) or sit for long periods (wrapping gifts). Improve your flexibility, alleviate lower back pain, improve posture and aid deeper relaxation, staying lengthened and tension free across Christmas.

There are many causes for tight hips and hamstrings such as common workouts like running and cycling, anxiety, a sedentary/seated lifestyle, injury or even fear and locked up emotion.

Our hips are a space for unwanted stress, both physical and mental. This workshop will help you to open up, and to understand these areas of your body more. We will use a combination of breath work, dynamic and long held stretches to allow you mobilize and explore your lower body with ease.

A great workshop for athletes, sports men & women, complete beginners, advanced yogis that want to deepen their practice or those who want a more profound connection to their body. As well as those with tangled tinsel and tangled minds who’d like to make more space and relax.

Open to both members & non-members. VIP members receive 20% discount


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