FRIDAY 2nd NOVEMBER - 6pm - 7.30pm

This Yoga & Pilates fusion workshop will take you on a mind body journey. Breath synchronized circular flows around the mat, will allow for intuition to take over and a deeper sense of expansion, opening and connection to your physical and emotional body.

Circular flows based on the mandala methodology, allow for working deeper into the body that moving in a linear fashion cannot quite touch.

The nourishing fludity will be followed up by a core and strength based routine using the Pilates Magic Circle. We will continue to work deeply into already oxygenated muscles for maximum benefits and enhanced performance of more subtle and precise movements.

The practice will close with a guided meditation, a continuation of the circular theme ; of being complete, centred and whole Without beginning or end, without sides or corners simply better connected.

Leave feeling moved in new ways, with new perspective and open to your fullest potential.

Intention: Flow, Nourish, Expand – to infinity and beyond


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