THURSDAY 4th OCTOBER - 6.30-8pm
You only have to look around you to notice the change in the seasons and just as nature changes to adapt we need to do the same to stay in the flow of life. Many of us feel ungrounded, overwhelmed and out of balance during the change of seasons - this workshop is designed to help you through the transition.


Taking inspiration from the trees letting go of their leaves, we will practice sinking into stretches and surrender - with a focus on the hips and abdomen (lower chakras). Nature is drawing its energy inwards, so it's time for us to do the same
We will start with a slow, rhythmic, mindful practice of deliberate movements to calm the chaotic mind - to ground and connect to yourself and the earth.
Included will be pranayama (breath) as Autumn is the time of year where the air is at its most crisp and clear - quality breathing helps welcome more energy into our lives.
The practice will close with warm, comfortable and deeply restoring meditation practice for you to sink into bliss.
Intention - Ground, Connect, Restore
Open to both members & non-members. VIP members receive 20% discount
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