DHARMA YOGA WEEKEND - with Fabio Filippi

Sat 25th & Sun 26th November

SOULBOX is excited to welcome back Fabio Filippi, internationally renowned Dharma Yogi, for a whole weekend of workshops. After the success and great feedback from his Maha Sadhana in September, its an honour to have him back for more. This is an opportunity to practice with a world class instructor, to carry the practitioner deep into the heart of Yoga. 

This wonderful weekend of workshops has something for everyone, bookable separately or as a package - guarenteed to leave inspired with a whole new level of self awareness and practice.

Fabio is a devoted disciple of Sri Dharma Mittra, Fabio’s journey of enrichment continues through Dharma's spiritual guidance, practicing daily, sharing classes and workshops of Yoga. Always enthusiastic and fond of visual communication. 

You can follow Fabio here https://m.facebook.com/ffilippi

*****The Weekend Schedule****


1-2.30 - Dharma Yoga Masterclass

Here we will prepare for a magical weekend, exploring all aspects of the Dharma practice, no experience necessary. This workshop will incorporate all elements of Dharma yoga as a complete practice, taking you on a jouney of both mind and body.
Experience the deep healing Yoga can offer as both a mental and physical practice.  
Included will be :Pranyama – (breath work), Kriya (cleansing & purification), Asana – (physical energizing practice)
This workshop will stand alone to dramatically enhance any future practice or be the perfect fuel for the rest of your weekend.

3-5pm – Inversions & Arm Balances 

Whether you're still working on take-off or want to fly higher than you already do, this workshop is suitable for all – except complete beginners.
Inversions can be the biggest obstacle of any yoga practice.. and worse than that – they can become the only goal. We will approach each one with intelligence and safety – for them to become just another piece of a huge moment. 
Creative, challenging and fun - Chance to explore and break down inversions. Included will be intros to headstand variations, handstand, fore-arm stands.
It’s a great feeling when you take some weight off your feet and onto your hands, and extremely beneficial for the body and mind. But overcoming the fear in turning upside down is often harder than the techniques themselves. This will be your chance to fight the fear and fly.


1-3pm – Opening the Heart – Backbending Workshop

Unlock your shoulders, open your heart and dive deep into this workshop to open you up to a new level of being. Develop & Strengthen your ability to open the heart on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. This deeply moving workshop has something for everyone. Safe and effective backbends when done properly can be hugely transformational. Guarenteed to be a special experience. 

3.30-5pm – Yoga Philosophy & Relaxation

When the physical work is done – gather the energetic benefits of your weekend. Or joing us for a stand alone workshop to deepen your knowledge on Yoga as a lifestyle in its truest form. 
We will open up the energy channels (nadis) and move energy through the body thorough a variety of less physical practices ; releasing tension, stress, tightness but also emotions, thoughts and vrittis (fluctuations of the mind). 
There will also be discussion on the history of yoga, including Yamas, Niyamas and taking your journey to off the mat. A super special toolkit to carry with you for life – infusing all that you do with more purpose and meaning. 
The session will close with a deeply relaxing meditation with chance for questions, answers and advice.

*Complementary healthy treats from The Natural Kitchen and refreshments available across the weekend for those taking part in full days & full weekend*

Saturday (full day) - £45
Sunday (full day) - £45
Whole Weekend - £80

Induvidual Workshops :
Dharma Yoga Masterclass - £20
Arm Balances & Inversions - £30
Opening the Heart / Backbending - £30
Yoga Philosophy - £20

Booking is essential as availability is limited – The weekend is open to members & non-members

Book via the SOULBOX App or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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