SATURDAY 29th JULY - 11.45am - 1.45pm

Self Healing - Self Empowering - Self Transforming

Journey deep into your true nature on this special workshop - designed for personal growth and development. Get to know yourself better - body, mind and soul. 

We will delve deep into your intuiton, to awaken a higher awareness of what is going on behind everyday life. Connecting to your truth and highest potential to give you understanding of the energies creating your experience behind the scenes of daily life. 

This workshop will give you a toolkit for a lifetime - continue to work and weave freedom and peace into your life as well as your time on the mat. 

If you want to improve creative thinking/visualization, relationships with yourself and others, get to know who you are behind the mental noise or simply learn to relax and release into the process of life - this ones for you. 

The workshop will include:

Physical Practice - mixing modern methods with ancient techniques to awaken energy through every part of your being

Journalling - Creative thinking exercises to connect you to your higher power (this will be for your eyes only)

Meditation and Relaxation - Looking around without the sense of sight to find the true self behind the mental blocks. 

Leave connected to the core of your being - clear minded - open hearted and with a whole new window of oportunity. A chance to cleanse, clear the way and create the life you wish for. 

Workshop is open to members & non-members :) Post - Workshop refreshments will be provided, with time for discussion and reflection

Booking is essential as availability is limited. Book Via the SOULBOX App, Facebook or  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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