The Studio

SOULBOX is Whitehaven’s exciting new Pilates & Yoga studio. Purpose designed from scratch and stunningly beautiful. SOULBOX was built with the intention to help, heal, strengthen and shape you.

It’s a space full of love and light, with energy and essence for you to experience and take with you into the rest of your day. SOULBOX has an ultra-chilled vibe, earthy and warm with a real wood floor to bring you as close to earth as possible.

Lie back and relax after your session beneath the studio’s star studded ceiling, surrounded by colour therapy lights to enhance your emotional and energetic wellbeing. Your soul will truly believe its back among the stars.

There is a welcoming and warm reception area with refreshments and merchandise available.

SOULBOX stocks

  • Coconut water – the perfect post workout drink for hydration and to replenish.
  • Wheatgrass shots – Detox and cleanse your system
  • Ginger Shots – Energise and awaken
  • Quality branded clothing- show the world you are part of the SOULBOX Tribe
  • Alignment Mats – Great grip and marked with lines to give your practice the edge
  • Equipment and learning material to enhance your in class or home practice

The reception also hosts the wishing wall for you to add to and take from what you need – filled with inspiration and bringing the community closer together.

Centrally Located on Queen St, Whitehaven; means it’s easier than ever to get space in the heart of it all. Public car park is available at the rear.

High quality mats and brand new equipment are provided to give you the best possible SOULBOX experience. There is also a therapy room available for the other services on offer.

Sophie looks forwards to welcoming you to SOULBOX – filling you with energy, health and happiness in any way she can.

Start your journey today.

SOUL (n)

The deepest layer of self, seperable in existence from the body. The immortal part of a human being. Regarded as the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action. Essence of emotional strength or spiritual vitality; Continued existence of life, energy, vigor.


BOX (n)

a container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid. A space within straight lines, in particular. An enclosed area reserved for a group of people: a protective casing or package


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