Mindfulness is something I include into each class, its been such a huge part of my personal journey that I feel its something I want to give back as part of the SOULBOX experience.

Sophie completed a year long Mindfulness Practitioner qualification at Buddhist Temple Samye Ling giving her deeper self awareness and the ability to help others. Mindfulness which is now becoming more and more popular, teaches us to live in the present moment, non judgementally and use the power of our mind to our advantage.

Mindfulness has been linked to helping with anxiety, depression, mood swings, indecisiveness, low self-esteem, irritability or similar issues, mindfulness can help you turn these negative thoughts around and generally ensure you live a more relaxed, peaceful and positive life.

Only in the ‘present moment’, you have the power to make changes to the situations affecting you. Nothing can be done in the future or past, as we don’t and can't live there! If you can grasp this, you have grasped the art of living.

The world we live in now isn’t what it used to be: we’re constantly connected and ‘available’, 24 hours a day. There comes a point where we need to stop. Mindfulness ensures we reconnect with ourselves and in doing this, allowing us to be more productive and positive in all areas of our life.

While its impossible to suddenly change society, it is possible to change gradually at the individual level. The practice of mindfulness means you can enjoy some peace and satisfaction, properly cultivating the mind; giving you back your control.

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