Holistic Health

Sophie offers advice, workshops and events in line with holistic healing. Following her fascination, attending seminars nationally and bringing the best bits back to SOULBOX to share.

It’s undeniable that the mind and body are connected. Tension in mind manifests in us physically; we may get a stiff neck, shallow breath or be vulnerable to injury in times of stress or anxiety. And visa versa; when we are physically injured or in pain, it affects us mentally through lowering our mood or letting our inner critic beat us up.

Energy has so many meanings and understandings but nothing can work without it. Wherever we send our energy, mentally or physically, we will see growth; whether that’s through conscious or subconscious thought process and whether its building you up or breaking you down. ‘What you think, you become’ (Buddha)

I encourage people to understand their own energy, listen to their body and get their soul to speak.

Some information is provided here for your reference but if you would like to know more about how these techniques make for a happy, healthy body and brain, please get in touch.

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