No matter where you’re at physically or in life SOULBOX has a class for you.

SOULBOX’s teachings have evolved from traditional practices and mixed with modern techniques to bring you movement and philosophy for life.

Whether you choose to restore, strengthen, stretch or sweat – your class will close with relaxation under the star-studded ceiling in a warm and healing space.

Move better. Feel better. Grow in unexpected ways.

SOULBOX’s signature session. Effective and innovative and intelligently planned – Pilates at SOULBOX is a class for body, mind and for modern life.

Increase lean muscle, build strength, power and tone. You will be educated through movement in this highly empowering and uplifting session woven with mindfulness.

Commit to Pilates at SOULBOX and create a body that doesn’t just look amazing, it feels amazing too.

Tune out the noise – Tone up the bod and expect core like never before.

Open Level – Suitable for beginners, professionals and everyone in between.

Short on time? Why not try Pilates 45

For when you’re short on time. All the benefits of SOULBOX’s signature session condensed into just 45 minutes.

Open Level 

With all the benefits of SOULBOX’s signature Pilates with added intensity for supercharged results.

This 45 minute session will see you transform both physically and mentally. Move through creative sequences, seamless flows, strength based challenges and dynamic stretches to create strength, space and revival.

Each session is different to keep you progressing and avoid plateaus and there is no physical impact.

The session closes with relaxation for you to absorb the benefits on a cellular level.

Open-Level – No experience is necessary although not advised for a first session.

Move seamlessly through engaging, creative flows to release tension and squeeze out stress. 50 Minutes of Vinyasa Yoga. A complete mind-body journey towards your highest self. The perfect balance of revival and release , this class will give you a longer, leaner body with a calm and quiet mind.

Open Level – No experience necessary

Short on time? Why not try Flow 45

For when you’re short on time. All the benefits of SOULBOX’s Yoga Flow condensed into just 45 minutes.

Open Level – No experience necessary

Strong, powerful and slightly sweat inducing. 45 minutes of Vinyasa Yoga Flow full of physical, mental and metabolic benefits. A combination of functional flows, challenging Vinyasas and inspiration. Perfect when you need a boost this session will energise, uplift and awaken your inner seams to outer layers
Hugely rewarding and transformative this class closes with a well deserved Savasana.

Open Level – No experience necessary although not advised for a first session.

Carefully crafted, this unhurried session links breath with movement to take you on a journey.
A slower paced Vinyasa Yoga Flow with the perfect balance of work and deep release. Its aligning and inspiring, designed to move you mindfully towards a stronger, longer body with a calm and clear mind.

Open Level – No experience necessary.

Intelligently planned to give you maximum results in minimum time. This session uses concise and considered movement to show you that core is more than mindless crunches. Whether your goals are washboard abs, relief from back-pain or a more powerful sports performance there’s something here for you.
Short in time – Big in impact.

Open Level – No experience necessary.

Healing movement and deeply nurturing practices to give you the ultimate remedy to mental or physical stress. Truly calming in nature, this class is this class is the perfect antidote to mental noise or tense, tight muscles – it gives you time to completely unwind.

Open Level – No experience necessary. 

Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness. Space is an antidote to modern day living, It gives you chance to relax, recharge and re-discover how to be human. Show up in your sweatpants or suit, space is the ultimate stillness. Whether you wish to meditate or simply unwind, you will leave each space able to hear yourself again. Space helps you become the expert of your inner world, supercharge your mood, health, career and life. Its simple – powerful and way better for you than coffee.

No experience necessary. Drop-in’s welcome.

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