Be Inspired This Winter

Once again – the colder months are upon us, inviting us to go inwards and reflect and tune in to what we need to accept, forgive and finally let go of from the year gone by. From doing this we create more room in our lives for new things to manifest. Just like the earth uses cold winter months to restore energy, ready for wonderful creation when spring time arrives – we can too!

Through the darker months we can retreat a little, restore our energy, by healing inner wounds, forgiving our past and listening to our authentic self and souls loving voice.

Its often when taking an inwards journey that we find our light – and after all – our thoughts eventually become our biology.

So this winter – try to see its not the events of our lives, but the meaning we attach and the energy we give to those events that shapes who we became this year, and where we are heading next..

Love & Light, Soph x 

Ready, Steady... STOP!

I was in two minds as to post this, as i feel my role is to give to you, rather than discuss my personal experience. I have decided to do so in hope I can inspire a few of you to dive deep into the fabric of your being, make friends with all that you are and cultivate a kinder relationship with yourselves <3

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Tune Into You...

Of all the people on the planet, we talk to ourselves more than anyone.

It's therefore so important that we say the right things.

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Back to Blogging! (and the Full Moon on the sunniest day of the year!)

Wishing you all a happy Full Moon Day.

I feel its about time i got back in touch with the blog. Since opening SOULBOX i havnt had the chance to share very much, which i apologise for! Between my personal practice, the studying and reading i do, i have so much i feel i want to offer you to explore and to help you all with gaining deeper understanding of yourself and your practice. 

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'Inner Engineering' - Sadhguru

Thank you to the amazing friend and lady who recommended this guys reading to me. Powerful stuff!

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Chakra's & Changing Seasons

Winter is quickly approaching, as days shorten and nights darken, its easy to let our emotions and wellbeing drop alongside the temperature. 

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DAILY AFFIRMATION - 'I am not my history'

'I am not my history'

I've decided to start all my blog posts with an affirmation, meaning you can all take something a little more than just a read.

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The Weeks Antics.

Hello! On this rainy Saturday Morning, I’ve found myself reflecting on the week just gone. Theres been a mixture of the new; new classes starting, new people to meet and new projects; with the old (not literally! – although those health questionnaires did ask your age!).

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Ah September! So here we go! My first ever blog post! Ive waited until September for a reason. September brings us the Autumn Equinox, a day of balance and a great time to look over the year so far. I can honestly say that this time last year, I never imagined I would be in the position I find myself today.

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