London Reflections

Ive been fortunate enough to be part of some truely special training in London this weekend. Currently travelling home and reflecting, not just on that, but my journey so far, for all that Yoga has taught me, in practice and in life.
To My Members and Supporters ...

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Hi Everyone, 

In hindsight of last nights workshop 'Cardio Flow & Nidra' I want to share the help sheet I put together for the group. Its a brief explanation of how to form your 'Sankalpa' or resolve, the intention or goal that we recall at the end of each practice - or indeed any time you need to reconnect to your inner essence. I hope it makes sense, i'm more than happy to help, discuss it further and to advise in any way i can. The 'Yoga Nidra' book by Swami Satyananda Saraswati ( link below ) is the one i have used to reference. It's an amazing read in my opinion and an invaluable tool to anyone looking to develop or progress a spiritual practice or simply looking for understanding and ways to relax.

The book is available here

The Sankalpa Help Sheet is pasted below. 

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Halo Wholefoods - Weekly Delivery to SOULBOX


halo_wholefoods will be delivering weekly to SOULBOX Pilates & Yoga Studio, Whitehaven. - with FREE DELIVERY

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Thank You


Thanks to everyone who came to support the Health & Happiness Event at SOULBOX Pilates & Yoga Studio, Whitehaven yesterday.

The fantastic contributors, my SOUL tribe members and the visitors that dropped by – you all filled the studio with the most uplifting energy that felt portrayed everything I wanted to create and more. A community, positively empowered, raising awareness for all things wellbeing.

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Pranam Holistic Therapies

The beautiful and talented Pranam Holistic Therapies has kindly offered a 15% discount to all SOULBOX members. Valid until 31st May 2017.

Jo will be at the SOULBOX Health & Happiness event on Thursday 27th April 4-7pm to chat and offer her expert advice. 

Quote 'SOULBOX' and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view or call 07738239039 to claim this fantastic offer

Yoga Nidra

This week in a few classes we did Yoga Nidra. A conscious sense of Yogic sleep. Yoga Nidra gives complete restoration of the body and mind. Its an immensely powerful meditation and relaxation technique and im so pleased everyone joined in with an open mind. It works on the Pancha Maya Kosha (5 layers of self) with wide spread benefits physically, spiritually and mentally. As a result of some great feedback and lots of you wanting to learn more ; heres a post of a book recommendation and the one I use to reference - by the creator himself Swami Satyananda, and if anyone has any more questions please feel free to ask :)

Yoga Nidra - Swami Satyananda

Love, Light and Smiles - Soph x


The ‘SOULBOX Pilates & Yoga’ App is now available to download on the Apple Store and Google Play 

The App is available to members and non-members aiming to further evolve the SOULBOX community values of stopping the need to be better and instead to be better connected.

I hope you all enjoy the App – whether a member or not, your support means more than you could ever imagine.

App Features

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Lululemon are coming to SOULBOX

Lululemon are coming to SOULBOX

Thursday 27th April 4 – 7pm

To celebrate the launch of the SOULBOX App later this month – Internationally renowned brand Lululemon Athletica are teaming up with Sophie at SOULBOX to create an event of all things health and happiness.

Not to be missed – a range of Lululemon clothing, mats and equipment will be available to get your hands on and to spend time with their team.

Also on offer and still expanding...

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The Meddy Teddy

I've just come across this adorable Teddy Bear in a magazine. I think its an absolutely brilliant idea! Felt the need to share it, and hopefully Meddy Teddy will be released in the UK soon as SOULBOX will deffo be getting one! A way to inspire kids or even adults to find 'mindful moments' and extract happiness from the most common of things. I believe its becoming more and more important to introduce children to ways of finding stillness in a world ever increasing in speed. This bendy little bear is a lighthearted way for us all to live a healthier, compassionate and more mindful life...

 Check Him OUT!

Getting Grounded

I remember my very first yoga class, where the instructor began by asking me to ground my feet. I remember thinking how strange that was, they were already on the ground! Over time on my yoga journey, which admittedly for me started completely for the physical benefits, this concept of grounding cropped up over and over again.

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