Moon Magic from the Root & Flower

Such a lovely suprise to recieve a box of wonder from Root & Flower - including the New & Full Moon Anointing Oils. Excited to work with these in future workshops and to continue to infuse the space at SOULBOX with the love and light that goes into every bottle she lovingly creates.

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SOUL FAMILY - thank you

January saw lots of new faces through the door of SOULBOX. Its been so great to see you all start the journey of self discovery. 

Thank you to all those committed members who have made the new starters welcome, it means so much to both me and them that we have created a warm and supportive community. 

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- Start your journey at SOULBOX in 2018 and discover how amazing youre designed to feel.
Whether you're brand new to exercise or train regularly and want something to give you the edge - theres something for you. 

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CLASSES WILL RESUME THURSDAY 4th JANUARY (there is a class this day)


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FEELING FEAR - Halloween Reflections

As the spooky, scary time of year where all things frightening lurk on every corner. I found myself contemplating fear... 

I've come to realise (through years of struggle!) that we don’t have to be the best to be enough – just by being unique, being ourselves and opening our hearts we are always living in our own light.

My teacher always taught me that if you’re not uncomfortable, youre probably not growing. The whole point of us being here is to grow – connect and feel. This means acknowledging and releasing fear, letting it arrive and leave without taking our energy.

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World Mental Health Day

Be Kind To Your Mind this week at SOULBOX

Tuesday 10th October is World Mental Health Awareness Day - to honour this we will be spending a little longer in relaxation at the end of each class this week. 
Profits from Tuesday Evening classes will be going to charity to support this amazing cause - stamp out the stigma 

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October Astrology - Guest Post

Sharing this fascinating post by Helen Tremeer - Astrologer.

Helen is coming to SOULBOX on October 15th to run a workshop 'Astrology & Healing' (details on the workshops page) - SPACES AVAILABLE


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Love Yourself...

❤️So many years of education and degrees - yet we're never taught how to love ourselves. Surely that should be the most important lesson of all. 
Accepting ourselves as we are and believing that we are enough no matter what is so important for our happiness, confidence, self-esteem and success in life. ☁️We should have dreams to improve, to get to the next level, however if we can't accept ourselves and truly believe that we are enough we will walk through life feeling not good enough and will never meet our true potential. SOULBOX gives you space to find and stay in your magic - helping you realise you are enough no matter what - never let anyone else tell you differently!

It breaks my heart to hear so much self criticizing - our bodies can do amazing things no matter what they look like! Say a silent thank you to the vessel thats brought you to the moment and remember that whats beneath the surface is really what people want to connect to 

Soph x


The SOULBOX App must be updated from your Phone/Tablet now as my hosting company have made some changes. 
Please ensure you make the updates as I need to be able to contact you through the notifications. 
The App can be updated in the App Store or the updates section of your device

Feel Whatever You Feel

Sometimes we get plunged into a situation that can seem really dark. 'Unhappy' situations can and do crop up from time to time. These things can be in our out of our control, and we arent always able to fix them but we CAN change what we attatch to these situations. 

Just allow yourself to be unhappy! 

When we feel bad, its our first reaction to try and escape it, get away from it, comfort, shield, distract or pretend we are fine. But actually, wanting to get away from the feeling doesnt make it any better, it actually just prolongs the pain. 

Try telling yourself : its ok to be unhappy! Its ok to feel pain, its just a mental state - all happining within the body's 4 walls. 

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