You Are Enough

Hi Everyone, 
Missing you all so so much.

It's inevitable that whoever you are reading this, life has presented you with change of some sort, in some degree. Change can be scary but it also presents opportunity. With a more spacious state of life, the mind can easily sneak in to make us question ourselves. 
Have I done enough? Can I be more creative or innovative? Am I doing enough exercise? Am I eating well? I feel guilty if I don't have a productive day... Am I making the most of this special time as I will never get this chance to slow down again. Maybe wishing things would go back to 'normal' but secretly knowing I will crave a slower pace of life when things speed up again. The list could go on... 
Are you having any of these thoughts recently? Its a rollercoaster out there at the moment. Please remember you're not alone. 

The mind is a tricky beast. Never feel shame, guilt or doubt surrounding your present situation. Trust the journey, trust yourself and let keep supporting each other, looking out for each other and looking forwards to connecting back at the studio soon. 

Yoga and meditation are the tools that keep me grounded, rooted and calm. They give me connection in isolation and remind me that i'm doing enough whenever tricky emotions stir up. Ive been paying attention to my patterns and trying to be more present and mindful than ever. The ways we've learned to survive in the past may not be the ways we want to continue, heal and shift in the future. 
Remember that whoever you are, wherever you are that you're doing way better than you think. Keep smiling. What you're doing is enough, you are enough, you are ALWAYS enough. 

As the end of the week nears - take a moment to reflect on your values. Anything is possible. Now more than ever. 

PS. Im here for you if you need some mat time :D

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