Almost everyone at the moment is experiencing challenge. I believe that to be a truth, at some point in the last few weeks in some degree.

Isolation means facing our demons. It confines us in a space where it’s just us with our thoughts, anxieties, worries and fears. Whatever our internal state, its likely that isolation has amplified it. With the normality of our routines and distractions removed and being confined in a space gives us no choice but to face our demons, anxieties, worries and fears.

We’re brought face to face with our internal landscape, whether that’s the inner critic, the victim, the part that wants to sabotage or anything else. For many people isolation might feel completely destroying. 

I wanted to write this post in support that if you can relate in a tiny or huge amount, you’re not on your own and you can get through this. The way through is love. 

If we can make friends with ourselves, all our parts. The changing parts, the imperfect parts, the unfinished parts and the parts we’re afraid to let go. If we can embrace and accept the good and the ‘bad’ from a place of compassion we can find ease. I promise. 

We can meet isolation with the knowledge that our shadow (insecurities, anxieties, etc) will inevitably arise during times like these - that we can either use this to reinforce our pain and suffering by trying to run faster and further away from them (inevitably giving them more power), or we can turn and stand face to face with them. 

It is here that we really embrace growth and change. 

Isn’t that ironic? 

Only when we turn and face our darkness do we truly begin to expand. Not because we let our darkness consume us, but because we begin to make friends with all the different parts of who we already are. 


So use this time of isolation. 

Stop running from yourself.

Turn towards what’s there, face it and show it love. 

Call yourself forward. 

Ask the struggles what they can teach you

Slow down enough to listen to the wisdom within your insecurities, 

and let isolation amplify your path to freedom.

Love yourself, love your situation (no matter how difficult it is)

Keep shining your light and emerge stronger, brighter and filled with more compassion than ever. 


All my heroes and warriors - 

I believe in you. 

Soph x

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