The SOULBOX Home Practice Package has created such a great online community. 

Within the ‘Online Support Group’ people who share classes week in, week out, mat neighbours who may have never known each others names have come together.
They are now sharing space in a totally different way, they are still moving as one, but more connected and empowered than ever.

Everyone is motivating and supporting each other - waking up to new challenges and inspiration each day. 

Having a strong community and sense of belonging in this time of isolation is more important than ever. 

In the group theres a shift away from aesthetics and into wellbeing - how our bodies FEEL and the elements that really matter for long term health and happiness. 

Seeing everyone uplift eachother and get involved has been incredible, and its a journey that's only just beginning! 

Remember - Pilates or Yoga at SOULBOX isn't about getting into shapes on your mat. It’s about using the mat as a jumping off point, to discover both the world and how good you're designed to feel. 

You can join us at any time - details on how can be found at or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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