SWEAT & RESET - First Online Mini-Workshop

A juicy, creative movement class to work you into a detoxifying state. Flowing, strength based movement to both carve out and stretch out every single muscle. An uplifting, energy boosting  practice broken up with mindfulness and meditative moments.

So many of us have had a whole life re-set in the last few weeks, and are having to make major adjustments.
When we feel physically connected and well, our mentality will follow. The first part of this workshop will be dedicated to getting you feeling physically cleansed - The second to help the mind and emotions follow. Some time for reflection & contemplation and closing with a restorative guided relaxation to leave you calm, centred and connected. 

All you need is a mat - please have a pen and notepad handy too.
Tips - For a longer relaxation, just hit pause and Savasana for as long as you require
Keep a journal handy & close with getting onto paper post-practice whatever came up for you as you moved, as many emotions, feelings as you can. Then you can explore them and their triggers later.

1. Send payment of £10 using this link - CLICK HERE
2. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the email address you would like the link to be sent to.

Once payment is received you will be receive a link to the YouTube Channel where the content is available for you to view in your own time and to revisit whenever you'd like.

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