Thank you all so much for contributing to the kindness table, the response was overwhelming. You might or might not know who's day you brightened - but know you made a difference. Because of you, someone walked out of the studio with something they loved and didn't have before.

I'm almost EXCITED for next Blue Monday!

So thank you once again, for everything you do for me, eachother and yourselves on a daily basis. Thank you for shaking during the last reps of an exercise, for showing up for yourself on your not so bright days, for welcoming others, for bearing with my counting, for contributing to the energy of the space and for believing in me. Thank you for sharing with your friends, for the clap at the end of class, for being brave, for practicing and for letting me be part of your journey. Thank you for the hours spent, holding space for eachother, for messages of gratitude. Without you, SOULBOX wouldn't exist or thrive. You matter. For you I am eternally grateful.

Soph x

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