Charity 'space' for Blue Monday & Brighter Cumbria


Make time for some self care in the 'dullest' week of the year.

This week is 'Blue Monday' - SOULBOX is hosting a 'space' guided relaxation & meditation to contribute to 'Brighter Cumbria' - Profits are going to charity. 

Guided relaxation/meditation for modern men & women with busy minds and busy lives. Escape lifes messy surroundings for 45 minutes of total relaxation. Ultimately unwind your mind.
You will be guided seamlessly into a place of complete calm. Once you've experienced spaces powerful effects including deleted stress, increased productivity, finding more purpose in life and becoming calmer, healthier and happier - you will be hooked. Our signature spaces each take a different route to the same feel good place. Everything you need and nothing you don't. All you need to do is book YOUR space and show up. space ®

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