Tigers Eye - Workshop Gratitude

Little gifts for everyone at todays ‘Core & Restore Workshop’ – Tigers Eye and Info sheets for self study.

Tigers eye helps with self-worth, helps unblock creative flow and helps us step outside of our comfort zones. It gives us chance to grow, change and transform into our true and highest selves. Its great for those character building moments when you need to really shine. It can help us to take action, let go of uncertainty and have confidence in our own abilities.

Hold Tigers eye in your palm in meditation or any time to alleviate anxiety, feelings of being stuck or uncertain. Sleep with it by your bed if your suffering burnout or stress from overwhelm.

Tigers eye reminds us that its only ever one ‘yes’ that can make our dreams come true.

You were all amazing, I hope the little tokens of appreciation bring you as many blessings as you deserve.

Soph x

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