Hashtag transformation and there’s millions of results, thousands of people losing weight, gaining weight, building muscles, showing off their new hair.. Hashtag yoga transformation and there’s just as many moving dangerously into shapes, backbends and splits.

But aside from these VISIBLE and sharable changes there are so many transformations happening that are completely out of view. They are within us, within you, within every new and longer-standing members at SOULBOX.

You may look the same, more or less act the same, yet there’s been a profound shift in your inner world. I’m always grateful for people sharing how far they’ve come, but I also see transformations happening in those who choose not to express it. Even when it’s not visible, or not spoken about.

Sometimes subtle transformations hold the most power – maybe you’ve just found that over time there’s less inner critic chanting ‘im not good enough’ ‘I’m a bad person’. Unhelpful phrases are no longer tattooed on your mind. Instead they become replaced with brief or longer moments of peace, where you realise ‘I am enough and I’m right here and I’m ok’. Your inner wiring is what is HASHTAG transformed.

We are all woven from nature, our system is constantly repairing itself with or without our input. It’s simply our job to allow the process. We don’t need to work everything out, what is meant for us will always be revealed when were ready to see it.

I’ve seen you move from committing to physical strength and expecting mental results to follow – to flipping that on its head. Committing to mental strength and seeing the physical benefits happen on their own.

So to those of you who have shared, those of you who havn’t, those of you who show up and stay quiet, those of you who always hunt out the corner and even those of you I’m yet to meet… I am so thankful.

Having the opportunity to hold a safe, comfortable and accepting space, free from judging eyes, where we all honour and support eachothers inevitable changes means more to me that life itself.

So from my heart to yours, THANK YOU.

Soph x

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