Try to bring a little more presence to your day today. Each time you go to do a regular thing, pause and just take a deep breath.

As well as literally, giving yourself space to breathe, another benefit of taking a mindful day is that it helps to challenge the nonsense of ‘false busyness’ – so many of us have this sense that we ‘must’ do this and that.. go there.. achieve the other.

When we pause to question these impulses, more often than not, we can see they aren’t even real; rejecting them will give you the precious time to relax. To let go of the constant anxious feeling of having to rush onto the next thing.

These thoughts are our mind trying to make things complicated. Its been doing what it does since we were children and its fiercely resistant to change. As far as our mind is concerned, its doing a really great job! The problem is that its main function is to keep us safe, not happy. So it forever brings us back to past mistakes or times of stress and anxiety. Its like a guard, constantly looking for danger by remembering unpleasant experiences in order to spot them again in the future, and avoid them arising. The outcome of this is an undercurrent of anxiety and fear we feel, maybe to a lesser degree, but running in the background of feeling things arent quite right. 

Just breathe, pause, have a moment of non-thought, let peace and relief enter that busy mind. Nothing feels better than clarity, and knowing your own path.

Take today with an unhurried attitude, dont be afraid to just enjoy each moment as it arises. <3

With Love, Soph x

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