The essence of meditation is an experience. We might be inspired or encouraged when reading about it, we might get some clarity when hearing some of the ideas around it or by discussing it with someone else.

Ultimately- unless we take the time to sit, pause and witness the thoughts in the mind were never going to experience the benefits.

It’s not enough to do it once or twice and for that memory to be our experience of meditation. The experience has to be kept alive. So by continuing to bring our mind back to the moment and by coming back to our practice on a daily basis, even for a couple of minutes – were strengthening our mental muscles.

This isn’t just true in meditation, it’s when we go out into our daily lives. Finding those moments when we pause, come back and are reminded of those calm, peaceful qualities  we feel when were connected to our highest self. Over time we can bring those into all that we do, work, relationships and everything else. 

Keep doing your thing everyone. 

Soph x

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