Part of Body Positivity Month at SOULBOX - Sharing things I wish i have known years ago, in the hope of inspiring you

We live in a culture that’s obsessed with perfecting the way our bodies look – making it easy to lose sight of what our bodies are for.

We have bodies to move us through life, help form connections and relationships, move, play, hug, feed children. The purpose of our bodies is to help us live full, meaningful, connected lives… not something to be pretty to look at (we have sunsets, flowers and nature for that!)

Society tells us that tells us our body size and the foods we eat reflect our worth as a person.

Diet culture is so insidious that we’ve all gone years of our lives without even noticing it’s there, and without noticing the such damaging impact it’s had on our lives. _

What if instead of scrutinizing and criticising our bodies, we turn away from the system that made us believe they were wrong in the first place? What if instead of anxiously analysing pictures of ourselves, we could be picturing brilliant new ways to take down diet culture. What if instead of spending hours of our precious lives on beauty routine meant to ‘fix’ our ‘flaws’ we could be dismantling those flawed beliefs and building a world that welcomes ALL bodies, as they are.

Diet culture wants us to cringe every time we look in the mirror. Because when were fixated on judging ourselves, we aren’t able to see that it’s the adverts that need our judgement and energy to change.

You don’t need to follow punishing routines in order to be ok! Try to drop the self- aggression and make food and movement choices from a place of care, not control. Our body knows how to take care of us, take care of it back in return. When we attune and trust to ourselves – we live in that looks after us, in a way that diet culture never could.

I really hope in reading, you feel inspired to let yourself off the hook.  Of course, health, exercise, sleeping well are all important. But, what else is important? Body Kindness. Knowing your body is not the cause of your shortcomings in life. Not constantly feeling like there is a finish line with an ever-moving goal post. Let go of societies unrealistic expectations of you to have the perfect body, perfect diet, perfect family, perfect love life with a spotlessly clean home, never missing a workout and all the other pressures social media lets us believe are achievable.

Let today be the day you love you – imperfect, flawed – wholly and unconditionally. 

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

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