Today I encourage you to be hopeful, thankful, happy, compassionate, grateful and honest with yourself. Building these feelings within never leads to feeling their opposite. Start your day with positive outlooks because they never end up negatively, regardless of what others around you may say. Ignore negative advice. Let people keep trying to work out what’s right for you or what makes you happy while you simply keep moving forwards.

Follow your dreams and live upto your own expectations. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you are human and yes, flawed and imperfect – but that’s an amazing thing. Its simply a cultured belief that all humans should look, act and be the same. Nobody knows what you’re capable of other than you, nobody knows what you should be doing more than yourself. Don’t fall short of the greatness that’s within you. Believe in yourself. Trust your judgments and keep moving forwards.

Hope for the best, believe it will happen and it WILL happen

Sophie x

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