This time of year is famed for new beginnings. I want to take a moment to acknowledge those of you that are far along your yoga / pilates / self discovery path at SOULBOX.

For many of you may be setting intentions well beyond the beginning. When starting our practice and generally navigating life, we focus on the major muscles like quads, biceps/triceps and glutes but over time we learn to not only engage these powerful ones, but the more subtle ones too.

Maybe this year diving into your practice you’l start to connect more to your hands, lower belly, smaller stabilizing muscles involved in going upside down or maybe the muscles of the face? These little changes in practice can lead to whole new ways of opening the body and how It feels to be in there. It can take courage to focus on subtlety and finer details. The results won’t only be stimulating for your body, but they will be so for your mind. Be patient as you explore the potential of your incredible self.

Like any life obstacle, seeing it through will take confidence;  but choosing to stay will build strength, stability and energy for great things to come – on and off the mat


A quick mention also that its so exciting to be welcoming many beginners to SOULBOX in early January – this time next year you will be able to read this post, reflect on how far YOU have come – and setting your own intentions for even bigger things

Soph x

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