Be Fearlessly You

A few notes on being fearlessly YOU.

We spend so long showing the world the parts of ourselves we think they want to see. The parts of ourselves we thing will make us more acceptable and loveable. We do this because life bombards us with messages all day and every day that tell us who we should be, what we should look like, what we should act like. These message (either explicitly or implicitly) tell us that its unacceptable to be different or to be ourselves.

The problem is that hiding who we are leads to pain, anger, fear, exhaustion and so many other experiences. It often isn’t until we integrate and accept all the parts of who we are that we can really feel at home in our body, feel whole.

So… try to be interested in ALL parts of yourself. Interested in the bits you want to hide, the bits you want to show the world. Know that its absolutely ok to not have everything planned, worked out and understood. Theres so many blessings and special moments in getting to know ourselves. Its exciting to know you have the power to love and accept yourself, to stop the struggle and fighting against yourself. The other person is you – fall in love with them and life becomes amazing.  

I think every imperfection is beautiful, making you uniquely you. No two humans were ever supposed to be the same. You can be safe, away from all of these messages about whats acceptable. You can let go of the façade you wear and and front you put up. Be here for ALL of you – the amazing souls I KNOW you are.

Don’t wait for things to get better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be love yourself right now, time moves along any ways!

Soph x

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