STRESS - Reverse the Curse

'With Kindness I Welcome My Thoughs, Feelings, Myself...'    

A regular practice can bring you calm, focus and energy necessary for lifestyle adjustments that serve you well. I hope to encourage anyone skeptical, nervous or who has any beliefs about what some time at SOULBOX 'is' 'isnt' or 'might be' to come along and get to know yourself a little better. 

Stress can be hard to define, it happens when we feel there is more pressure or demands on us than we can handle. It can seem like just a terrible mood, and the word itself is thrown around so much ‘im so stressed’. Stress is so much more than a feeling or emotional state, it has a major impact on our physical wellbeing too. Headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, back pain and problems concentrating to name a few – and that’s just the beginning!

So what’s actually going on? When we move our bodies with deep breath and concentration –  feel our feelings and stay connected to our selves throughout both simple and challenging poses or movements, we emphasise awareness and move from the state of fear to the one of trust, so our brain lets our body and thinking mind fully relax. We are self-soothing, reuniting with our self and sense of wholeness.

We all hold stress very differently – there are just as many manifestations of stress as there are types of yoga! What we need at different times from a practice varies. The human body and the human experience of the body are so vast and varied

We are unique, that is nothing new, but the implications of this short statement are huge. What causes us stress, wont for someone else’s – our biology and our biography – the raw materials and the energy that has shaped us as individuals means our needs differ considerably from everyone else’s. Everything from glasses prescriptions, positions of drivers seats, shoe sizes, hand we write with, how our lips curl when we smile, the arch of our feet – all these little variations make us who we are.

So with more practice, and time to reflect we can ask

What really matters?  Does what I’m doing make sense? Am I expressing my uniqueness? Am I living a life that is meaniningful?

Stress from the yogic view is ‘not seeing who we truly are’  - so imbalances in body, mind and breath create a stressful state. When we are connected and present – so many anxieties can disappear. Every sensation, emotion, thought that we experience is a messenger. Learn to welcome each one with curiosity and openness. Notice your perceptions and allow them to unfold without judging or trying to change them, without resisting at all. Each will guide you to know yourself a little more <3

So as the festive season commences – if you find yourself in a whirlwind of stress and struggle to stay centred.. let your practice, your self care be your anchor. Use the power of your mind to come back to yourself. Even in the muddiest of water we can find our roots and rise above any mess of life.

Class time will help with all of the above, as well as upcoming workshops for deeper insight. As always, im here for you all should I be able to bring some balance and brightness in any way I can.

Soph xxxx

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