Tonights new moon is in Scorpio

“What we should expect from the Scorpio new moon is the awakening of deep emotions and the ability to see what is going on underneath the surface,” says Donna Page, a professional astrologer.

 Heads up, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo: You’ll feel the impact of this new moon the most. 

 The new moon is a time of beginnings, new endeavours, relationships or ideas. As the moons light increases, we nurture the things started at the new moon. The full moon is an intense time of healing and powerful work – where energy is the strongest. Around the full moon it can feel like we just don’t know what do do with our energy! As the moon fades again, or wanes, its time to relax, release and wait for the new cycle to begin again.

When we observe changes in light between sunrise and sunset, the 4 seasons or the full and new moon we connect to natures rhythms. There is an organic flow of life - all things are woven together.

Every lunar cycle is part of a natures flow that cannot be controlled – so when we relate it to our own experience and surrender the need to control our own environment, we move with the flow of our life rather than pushing against it.

The lunar cycles remind us to align with our own cycles, times of expansion and expression and times of renewal; both inside and out.

Nature is a powerful source of love and wisdom. As the moon transitions from newness to fullness, we can notice how it affects us physically and emotionally. Our bodies are made up of mostly water. Just as the lunar phases pull the oceans tides, they move things within us and create changes we can feel happening. You might find that creativity improves at certain times of the month, evergy increases and there are times of intense emotion. We are all very different, and how the moon effects you will be unique.

We live such fast paced lives that it’s easy to forget that we are nature itself and notice that our moods and physical energy shifts with the lunar cycles and seasons. Connecting to these rhythms helps me feel more embodied and attuned with greater sense of trust in life; realising that every day is a natural cycle, full of things to be grateful for. See for yourself, starting tonight, journal across the month to see what you find, do some investigation and learn to work in sync with the cycles to support your personal needs.

 Tonights new moon can be a new start for you. Set your intentions beautiful people and Its my genuine wish that you all find whatever it is you’re looking for.

For a special practice, come along to Vinyasa Yoga at SOULBOX this evening where we will work with some Lunar Flows Moon Salutations to support our connection to nature and take extra time to set personal intentions.

Soph x

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