JOURNEY TO LOVE with Jana Marie

SUNDAY 29th SEPT - 3-6pm

Say YES to the next step in your life with this powerful workshop by Jana Marie.

Jana is an incredible woman, with so much to share. Be part of this life changing experience with her.

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THURSDAY 15th AUG - 6.30-7.45pm

The moon holds many powers in its energy, so much so its powerful enough to move the strongest force in nature, oceans tides. If the moon has something so strong, imagine what it does for us humans who are over 70% water?

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FRIDAY 26th JULY 2019 - 5.30-7.30pm

Learn to use your hands as feet and turn your world upside down in this workshop to guide you into arm balances and inversions. Each one will be broken down, giving you better understanding of how to fight the fear and take flight.

If these excite you – great! If youre afraid of them, this workshop should be enough to give you the confidence you need and spark your curiosity.

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GET UP & FLOW - Friday Morning Vinyasa Yoga

FRIDAY 19th JULY - 7.45-8.45am

Lets try something new... 
Early morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga to leave you calm, centred and connected in time for the weekend.
Start your day with this special session to lift your mood, energy and spirit. Awaken your body in this flowing, cleansing class to move you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes; closing with a stress melting relaxation and intention setting. 
Arrive as you are - leave as youd like to be

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SATURDAY 13th JULY - 5-7pm

We are all made up of Earth, Fire, Water and Air in varying amounts. This workshop will move you through a physical practice, embodying each element and also teach you non-physical ways of working with the elements to bring harmony, energy and balance into your life.

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SUNDAY 30th JUNE - 5 - 6.30pm

Kath Reade is returning to SOULBOX for another SOUND BATH & GONG HEALING evening. Each time she brings a totally new experience, with just as much magic.

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FUN FLOW & LAUGHTER YOGA charity workshop

🤣⭐️SUNDAY 26th MAY - 12.30-2.30⭐️🤣

SOULBOX is welcoming Keith Adams, laughter yoga teacher for an afternoon of fun for a great cause.
Everyone wants health and happiness in their lives. But instead they are getting stressed out , depressed, getting less sleep, more negative thoughts and feeling isolated.
😂Laughter yoga is a playful antidote to all of that - its a wellbeing experience to lift any mood, bring joy, oxygenate the body and the brain and just have fun.

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SATURDAY 25th MAY – 11.30-1.30pm

An exciting and innovative workshop to explain the classical Pilates principles, giving you a better understanding of the hows and whys of the method.

Ideal for both beginners who want to get the best possible start to their journey at SOULBOX and the most advanced who want to find a new level to what they do (and everyone in between!)

Breath, concentration, flow, precision, centring and control will be broken down to give you a strong foundation for both deeper muscle work and deeper understanding – so you can power up your future practice.

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SATURDAY 20th APRIL - 11.15am - 12.45pm

An Easter themed Pilates session - Fun filled with egg-citing challenges and lots of laughter. Bringing strength, flexibility and SOULBOX magic. The intention? To leave you feeling strong, stretched and simply wonderful.

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Friday 19th April - 11.45-12.30pm

Feel Good this Good Friday with a Vinyasa Yoga special. The perfect entry to the Easter weekend.

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