Want to share with you the meditation I wrote for the studio this week to bring some self-love and body positivity into each class.

Posting it here so you can do it any time, or use it to create your own letter to your body.

Its also worth reflecting on If your body, mind or heart could write one back to you, what it would say. Health is multifaceted and doesn’t just involve the physical, yet over the course of our lives this has been emphasised, through advertising and media that now its become an ingrained belief in us as a society.

Meditation is like mental weight lifting. The more consistently its done, the stronger the new beliefs  get and the better appreciation and clarity can shine through for what’s really important.  

So light a candle, or simply find a quiet space… Make yourself feel comfortable and recall

Dear Body – Thank you.

Despite your scars, the untold stories you hold, you give me life.

You allow me to heal, you breathe, You allow me to repair.

You need my love, yet I know I havn’t always served you well.

I’ve detached from you many times, felt angry, shamed by you.

But now, I notice you. And I accept you.

I appreciate the amazing things you allow me to do

My worth is not dependant on your size, shape or perfection

You were never a problem.

I see your pain – and its sometimes big.

I also see your courage – and its bigger.

You can do hard things

I send you love and from now will never give up on you. 

Remember not to confuse self-love with self-esteem. Self-love is a true belief that where you are on your journey right now is enough. Its not flaunting or bragging (these are actually external shows of insecurity); self esteem relys on us only being ‘happy or content’ when reaching a certain and often unrealistic place. Self love is a quiet sense of acceptance that you feel in your heart.

At first it takes practice being kinder to yourself, but the more you let yourself know ‘and that’s ok!’ the more it will start to infuse your true nature.

Trust the process – its SO worth it

Soph x

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