As the month of Love, February at SOULBOX is dedicated to ‘Body Positivity’. Helping you to uncover the beliefs you have about your body and begin to work on them. It’s a month of supporting body diversity and finding the true self beneath years of diet-culture and conditioning.

I will be sharing blogs, reflections and running workshops/events to share things I wish I had known years ago.

What would your body say in a letter to you? (not the you as the mind, the you as the wise and compassionate being that you are)

How can your body express what it’s been like to be under attack of your own critical thoughts for years?

It’s a common belief that moulded into society’s ideal we will be happy and satisfied. The image we have of ourselves will NOT radically shift when weight changes or we lose/gain X amount of pounds, lift heavier in the gym, not when we look like we did 10 years ago.


Bodies are’nt supposed to be the same. They are supposed to grow and change. We shouldn’t  be made to feel that in our 30’s 40’s and 50’s  we should strive for bodies we had in our teens OR made to feel we should ‘get our body back’ after having children. These mind-sets are so damaging. Loose skin is not a sign of personal failure, it’s a sign of being alive.

What would your life look like if JOY was your number 1 priority? Lets move as a collective, away from the feeling of failure, lowered self-esteem and social anxiety that the media has instilled in us from childhood. Fat does not equal ugly and is not an insult; thin does not equal healthy and is not a complement. Our sense of worth cannot come from that seen in a mirror – it comes from your heart, not observable in reflection.

Self-Love is NOT – shouting about how great you think you are, bragging and flaunting. Self-Love is a quiet sense of peace, that has no words, only feelings – like finally coming home to yourself and knowing that you’re enough. Its believing your worthy of being happy without looking a certain way. Sure, we can still have goals to be healthier, but health is not about getting rid of parts of ourselves or adding more on – we are whole, diverse and more than just a series of parts.

This month I hope from my heart to inspire you all in a tiny or huge way – to wake up feeling empowered by the things that one time made you feel inadequate. Negative self image affects women and men of all ages. Lets move away from our body concerns of aesthetics and towards the things they do for us – to talk, help people through situations, take us on adventures, allow us to laugh, read, dance, bake, feel and MOVE!   

SOULBOX classes will be inspired by all things ‘body positive’ this month, so come along and join us if your curious. The empowering, diverse and strong community will be enough to start your journeys momentum, no matter how stuck you feel. You will be around people who genuinely wish you well.

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