So many of us carry undesired tension, in different places, for different reasons. Some of this may be from physical aspects, but often its from the mental emotional aspects of our life too. Or if not solely, this contributes to the physical tension being deeper set than just repetitive strain.

Most of you will have heard me say that tension in the body manifests as tension in the mind – (eg.. neck pain leads us to feel uncomfortable, stressed and often emotional; or tight quads limit our ability to do the things we love with the fullest expression like family walks or training for sport so we feel hopeless). In the same way tension in the mind can create tension in the body (eg.. when were anxious, we hold our shoulders tight or when we are afraid we curl forwards).

ive been thinking about tension and its different causes and creative ways of helping release.

First – the literal concept of tension – how a rope gets tense when its pulled in opposite directions. The further apart the two ends, the tighter it gets. Then,we can look at the tension in our lives – the stress of feeling pulled between past and future, what could be and what has been in the same sense. These tensions are actually very similar!

If were stressed about something, its usually because there is a gap between our desired state and our reality. The further the distance between those two states, the more stressed, twisted and wound up we feel.

However Just like rope, there is no tension if the force from one side is stopped. So if we learn to notice a wishful thought and the desire it contains – we can diffuse it without being overtaken by it – and let go of the internal rope by the end were still gripping on to with no fear. Leaving more peace with reality.

Releasing the rope doesn’t mean we give up, but rather we notice desire without giving it power to pull us around. We can work at what could be, with better intention and peace in what IS.

Even more hope lies in that when we learn to let go – our desired state will naturally stop pulling away. And without the need to counteract our constant grabbing – it may even float in our direction.

So here’s to letting go – but not giving up <3

For deeper insight into releasing g your physical tension and emotional binds – come along to a workshop at SOULBOX – the next one is ‘ Upper Body Unwind ‘ – details announced soon

Bright Wishes Soul Family

Soph x

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