Off the back of the last couple of Hips & Hamstrings Workshops at SOULBOX I thught I would share a little post on a few of the things covered and hopefully help you all to deepen your knowledge.

The hips / hip flexors / psoas is an important muscle in our physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

Physically - its balanced posture, flexible hips and healthy spine

Emotionally – our ability to relax and directly influences our feelings of wellbeing

Energetically – it’s the connector of higher and lower self – the pathway of natural and healthy breath

It allows free flow of energy and sensitivity of the who we are as a whole

Our thoughts and feelings are linked directly to the hips

It’s the only muscle that connects our spine to our legs, and therefore has the power to cause, tilts, shifts, rotation of the pelvis. How toned and supple our psoas is generally determines the shape of our pelvis, lower back and spine. The two direct influencers are habitual posture and movement & emotional trauma or tension in the body.

If the psoas is over tight – it can not only give us physical problems, directly effecting the lower back; it  can give us the symptoms of exhaustion, overtiredness, difficulty foucussing, sitting still or relaxing, sadness, irritability, anger, digestive issues and even sleep problems.

The psoas/hip flexors are a container of stress, some people can contain a lot more than others. If we don’t regularly empty the container, we become full of unreleased tension and unresolved stress that can stem as far back as childhood.

By trusting yourself to go there, sink into your hips, your past and your stored up tension – you will be more in touch with your energy, more anchored and connected – better sleep, better moods, more able to embrace life as it comes without so much structure. The hips have a massive impact on embodiment as a whole being.

The key to releasing is to allow – feel safe. An attitude of allowance, enjoy letting your body lead the way rather than having to ‘do’ anything for a change. The muscles can tremble, literally shake off the stress that’s stored. – it can feel strange to have emotions, memories or feelings come up without knowing what has caused them – as a whole or in fragments. Sadness, joy, anger, fear or  soemtimes it can recall memory of an event.

By opening the hips, all aspect s of physical, mental and emotional health can be improved. It can be frustrating when stiff muscles refuse to budge, but given the four pillars of Trust, Patience, Consistency and Breath, results will happen.

Why not try the next Hips & Hamstrings Workshop at SOULBOX and discover how amazing youre designed to feel? Ive had some amazing and really interesting feedback from you all, thanks for taking time to share it

Soph x

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