Decorate, Paint or Carve a SOULBOX Pumpkin - get as creative as possible - expression is key! For every entry - £3 will be donated to charity. 

It may be a pumpkin of gratitude? Self-love? Your favourite exercise? Something about your time on the mat that brings you joy, laughs or even something in line with a personal intention, maybe just a crazy and random design. Anything goes! It's a way of expressing, creating and manifesting. The messier and less perfect the better. 

Whether it's something simple, intricate, beautiful or a complete disaster, something planned or totally random- its ALWAYS enough! 

Every photograph entered will go on display at the studio (anonymous if you choose!)- please get involved guys, and lets continue to create amazing things together

Entries can be made up until November 1st - via Facebook, Instagram, Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or handed in at reception - both members and non-members welcome!

Ive included a few ideas to get you inspired on Facebook and Instagram 

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